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Book Review: A review on “Understanding Pragmatics by Jef Verschueren”
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Author :   Ekleyen  Yasin Khoshhal
Printing Year : 2016
Number : Volume 4 Issue 1
Page : 196-210
DOI Number: : 10.18298/ijlet.566
Cite : Yasin Khoshhal - Fereshte Taghi Montaghami, (2016). Book Review: A review on “Understanding Pragmatics by Jef Verschueren”. International Journal of Languages' Education and Teaching, Volume 4 Issue 1, p. 196-210. Doi: 10.18298/ijlet.566.
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Examining the mental and social processes involved in communication through language, Understanding Pragmatic is a comprehensive introduction to the subject. This book provides an overview of the theoretical basis of pragmatic, examines the main theoretical perspectives and explores its methodological aspects. As for the pragmatic in its broadest sense, covering the whole range of social, cultural and cognitive construction of meaning through the use of language aspects. Assuming no background in the pragmatic, the text provides helpful summaries, chapter by chapter for suggestions of reading and research topics for further study. The book tries to ad-dress questions such as what do people do when language is used? How exactly the meaning is generated when we communicate? And why do we say when we say something else? This review gives an overall review of the book and seeks to cover the whole concepts that are mentioned, eventually the reviewers have given their comment and conclusion of the book.
Pragmatics, meaning, linguistics, language


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