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An Investigation into the Knowledge of Mediation with English-Teachers
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Author : Seda SIVACI    
Printing Year : 2017
Number : Volume 5 Issue 3
Page : 744-753
DOI Number: : 10.18298/ijlet.1792
Cite : Seda SIVACI , (2017). An Investigation into the Knowledge of Mediation with English-Teachers . International Journal of Languages' Education and Teaching, Volume 5 Issue 3, p. 744-753. Doi: 10.18298/ijlet.1792.
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This paper aims to investigate English teachers’ knowledge of mediation and their classroom practices in terms of Feuerstein’s 12 features of Mediated Learning Experience. In order to collect data, a questionnaire survey adapted by Cheng (2011) from Williams and Burden’s Mediation questionnaire, with a reference to Liao’s Communicative Language Teaching questionnaire was employed to 17 English instructors working at a foundation university. The survey composes of two parts; in the first part there are 9 questions based on 4 vignettes and in the second part there are 12 statements related to MLE. The results indicated that the teachers did not have any idea about the notion of mediation, but their responses to the questions relating to their practices indicated that they employed universal features rather than situational features of 12 Mediated Learning Experience (MLE). As a result, it is possible to suggest that the teachers should be trained in terms of mediation to raise awareness for knowing what their roles are as mediators because of their critical roles in the classroom.

mediation, classroom practices, mediated learning experience


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