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Viewing Teaching Techniques in Enhancing Viewing Comprehension Skills of Undergraduate Students in Literature
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Author : Ruth Ortega-Dela Cruz  Diane S. Guieb  
Printing Year : 2017
Number : Volume 5 Issue 2
Page : 271-279
DOI Number: : 10.18298/ijlet.1762
Cite : Ruth Ortega-Dela Cruz Diane S. Guieb, (2017). Viewing Teaching Techniques in Enhancing Viewing Comprehension Skills of Undergraduate Students in Literature. International Journal of Languages' Education and Teaching, Volume 5 Issue 2, p. 271-279. Doi: 10.18298/ijlet.1762.
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In today’s generation of digital natives, students find it unexciting to sit down and read literary texts in its entirety. Thus, students nowadays hardly understand and appreciate literature as a subject. This calls for additional challenge to teachers who had been used to deliver their lessons or any subject matter in traditional ways. This study used descriptive-correlational research design to unveil the most effective viewing teaching techniques that will help develop the viewing comprehension skills of literature students in a tertiary level. Findings reveal how literature students perceive the use of movies or videos as a powerful viewing teaching technique. Result of chi-square test of independence indicates the viewing teaching techniques are not significantly related to students’ viewing comprehension. This suggests that no single teaching technique suits the learners’ interest and ability to learn. Therefore, teachers can make use of technology combined with other viewing techniques to ensure that students will find a love for literature that will help establish their academic success in the future.
College students, comprehension skills, literature, viewing teaching techniques, Philippines.


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