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Author : Gökhan AK   - Mete Kaan Kaynar  
Printing Year : 2017
Number : Volume 5 Issue 1
Page : 321-332
DOI Number: : 10.18298/ijlet.1677
Cite : Gökhan AK - Mete Kaan Kaynar, (2017). A ‘LANGUAGE’ OF MODERNIZATION: CULTURE AND ART EDUCATION IN THE VILLAGE INSTITUTES. International Journal of Languages' Education and Teaching, Volume 5 Issue 1, p. 321-332. Doi: 10.18298/ijlet.1677.
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The Village Institutes were originally-designed in-place-training institutions of the Turkish education history. They had been a very significant and unique educational-product of Turkey which were gifted to all secular [modern] world education systems. Because these Institutes were explored in line with thoroughly native considerations and foresights. Thus the Institutes punched their latterday principles and values not only in the Turkish, but also in many contemporary world education systems. Although the Institutes were shut down by some reactionary political approaches, their impacts, educational power and pedagogic wealth had reached until today. The main reason for that could be defined with various aspects. First of all, these institutions had adopted an unique educational model which was directly based on the universal science, culture and fine arts. This approach ensured authentic innovative styles for tudents of the Institutes, not only in the village field, but also in every educational level. Thus it should be emphasized that one of the most important aspects with this innovative education method was that the Village Institutes were conceived with a ‘revolutionary’ and ‘enlightenment’ understanding. This noteworthy aspect was what made them unique at first. Thus the aim of this research will firstly become to analyze educational model and system of the Village Institutes stemming from their unique, native, humanist and secular educational methods; and secondly explore how much innovative the Village Institutes were in the fields of science, culture and art. This study is based on the hypothesis-deduction method. Thus findings method for the study will follow a from-general-to-specific case approach. In this study, literature review and content analysis research methods will mainly be used.
The Village Institutes, Education, Modernization, Enlightenment, Culture and Art


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